2012 Finalists

Inclusive Education: A redesign of the SMART Table for use by all students, including those with physical disabilities. 
Submitted by Amanda Cox, Carleton University

Mental Illness: Reducing Stigma and Promoting Help-seeking at University: A dynamic presentation on mental health that targets first-year undergraduate students during their academic orientation. 
Submitted by Charu Jaiswal, York University

Excellent Exercise: A platform where physiotherapy patients could receive constructive feedback using computer vision and machine intelligence techniques, eliminating the need for them to make frequent visits to hospitals. 
Submitted by Mehrad Karamlou, Abdi Kahiye, Ameen Modhafar, and Colin Heics, University of Waterloo

Stair Ascension: A mechanism to restore accessibility within residential homes, accommodating wheelchairs and other mobility assistive devices. 
Submitted by Ayman Alabdallah, Lawrence Buchan, Ali Kianirad, Mario Kovacevic, Vaheesar Manivasakan, and Andrew Woollard, University of Toronto

NÜ VIÜ: An indoor navigation system that enables independence and provides convenience for people with low vision. 
Submitted by Kevin Spencer, Carleton University

Everybody Hurts: A campaign intended to promote empathy in order to break down attitudinal barriers that exist for people living with mental illness. 
Submitted by Hilary Tyler, Brock University

Accessible Tandem Cycling: A tandem bicycle designed to provide an accessible cycling experience for users with various needs as well as their support persons. 
Submitted by Will MacDonald, Carleton University

Skate Chair: A wheelchair apparatus that would be made available for rent to allow independent travel on public ice surfaces.
Submitted by Theo Stoppels, Carleton University


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