Change Your Campus

Both educators and students have opportunities to improve campus mental health and to reduce stigma. Here you will find a number of videos about mental health challenges on campus, and how university students, educators and staff can respond to them. Audiences for this material include faculty members and associations, sessional instructors, teaching assistants, university administrators and others.

Understand: The Impact of Mental Illness

Every year, one in five Canadians under the age of 65 experiences a mental illness, but students struggling with such challenges can be stigmatized. This video explains why it is important for members of the university community to respond to mental health challenges on campus.

Act: Recognize, Respond, Refer

This video provides members of the university community with information about how to identify mental illness on campus and to help students by referring them to appropriate services.

Influence: Building Healthier Communities

This video explains the important role that members of the university community can play in promoting good student mental health.

Reach Out: You’re Not Alone

This video encourages students with mental health problems to reach out to members of the university community who can offer support.