Clear Print Guidelines

Ontario’s Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) says that accessible formats of information must be provided upon request. On campus, these requests might come from students, faculty, staff, volunteers or visitors. This tip sheet will help you or members of your department use clear print design standards in Word documents when creating printed materials in-house. This will let you convert them easily to alternative formats later upon request. Taking this step also allows your materials to be accessible to a wider audience, limiting the need for users to request alternative formats.

Clear Print Design Standards

About the Clear Print accessibility guidelines

These guidelines were developed by the CNIB and have been modified slightly for the COU Accessibility Toolkit. CNIB is a nation-wide, community-based, registered charity committed to public education, research and the vision health of all Canadians. CNIB provides the services and support necessary to enjoy a good quality of life regardless of vision loss.

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