2015 Finalists

TremX: A mobile app designed to assist people who have tremors in using the tools and applications on their mobile device with ease by calibrating and adjusting to the individual’s spontaneous movements.
Submitted by Mark Goldberg, University of Guelph

CHEO Healing Garden: An accessible, universal planter and hand washing station designed to support programmed activities for patients in the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Healing Garden.
Submitted by Jin Kyung Kim and Dayna Conway, Carleton University

Para Sport Challenge: A physical education curriculum for elementary classrooms that provides students the opportunity to participate in a para sport activity while engaging with their peers and professional para sport athletes.
Submitted by Kate Jones and Miguel Botero, University of Ottawa

C.A.R.E. for Huntington’s: A customizable exoskeleton designed to assist Huntington’s patients by minimizing the effects of involuntary muscle movements in their day-to-day lives.
Submitted by Caulan Rupke, Siddharth Pai, Tianshi Cao, and Jiali Yan, University of Toronto

Hunger in the City: An exploratory study that examines the effectiveness of using urban agriculture to develop safe and accessible areas where individuals can create strong community centres and improve food security, employability, social connections, and literacy.
Submitted by Zoe Wimmer, University of Guelph

Ascent Line: An artistically designed collection of assistive devices that blend into any home décor with ease, providing stable, reliable mobility support for the user.
Submitted by Quayce Thomas and Brendan O’Brien, Carleton University

Project KIKO: A headset that assists people with hearing impairments by employing microphones and IBM’s Watson server to analyze speech and sounds, which are then displayed visually on the glass within the user’s field of vision.
Submitted by Toni Kunic, Jonathan Lebon, Yantesh Dhir, Vahe Khachikyan, Bilal Raza, and Dev Vishnu Dutta, York University

The Swivet: An innovative solution to assist wheel-chair-using sledge hockey players in transporting their equipment safely, independently, and with little effort.
Submitted by Liam D’Souza, Angela Chen, Mazhar Jabakhanji, and Adithya Prashant, University of Toronto

Timsle: A healthy lifestyle app that leverages a social network to keep you “on track” to maintaining your physical and mental health, providing an extra boost of support when things don’t turn out as expected.
Submitted by Quayce Thomas and Brendan O’Brien, Carleton University

Disability Awareness Poster Series: An inclusive, multi-lingual poster series that aims to combat the stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness on campus.
Submitted by Cassie Liviero, Ingie Metwally, and Naznin Alam, McMaster University