2013 Finalists

InterFace: A system that tracks facial movement and brain electrical activity to provide inputs to a computer, as an alternative to using a mouse and keyboard.
Submitted by David Newman and Trinette Wright, McMaster University

3D Prosthetic Hand: A low-cost mechanical hand developed with an inexpensive EMG control platform, designed to be produced on a 3D printer.
Submitted by Tim Inglis, Alim Baytekin, Natalie Levasseur and Alborz Erfani, Carleton University

Inclusive Moto: A design solution that gives the user complete control of a motorcycle, as well as the ability to ride independently without someone else needing to hold the motorcycle upright when starting and coming to a stop.
Submitted by Tiziano Cousineau, Carleton University

Inclusive Life: A height adjustable wheelchair seat that allows users to reach higher cupboards and overhead appliances.
Submitted by JD Sherman, Carleton University

DOT Navigation System: A navigation system designed to give users feedback on obstacles in their environment and provide location-based information on command via audio.
Submitted by Neil Voorneveld, Carleton University

Left Neglect: A levelling device designed for users with Hemiagnosia to increase awareness of their posture and proximity to objects tey cannot see to avoid falling during movement.
Submitted by Erik Gluk, Devang Saxena and Ali Al-Safi, University of Toronto

Phineas Sensor System: A sensor system that provides users wearing an iPod or MP3 player with an audio warning when they are reaching the end of a swimming pool.
Submitted by Joseph Santarelli, Shuang Song, and Nicole Kucirek, Western University

Palette Custom Computer Interface: A custom computer controller in place of a keyboard and mouse, that can be modified to a user’s unique needs.
Submitted by Calvin Chu, University of Waterloo

Harambee Project: A variety of mobility-centered devices developed for users in rural Uganda, in order to provide them with the mobility required to participate in small business.
Submitted by Ruby Hadley, Carmen Liu, Alyssa Wongkee and Andrew Theobald, Carleton University